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    How Much More Are Advertisers Spending Today to Reach Online Americans?

    Online ad spending in the US is growing more rapidly than any other advertising medium, is reaching new heights seemingly with every passing quarter, and has been projected to see double-digit growth again this year. In fact, the IAB estimates that online ad spending has grown at a compound annual rate of about 20% over the past 10 […]

    B2B Buyers On What Online Content Works… and What Doesn’t

    87% of B2B content consumers say that online content has a major (27%) or moderate (60%) impact on their vendor selection, according to [download page] a new report from the CMO Council and NetLine, and 35% believe that online content highlights the vendors that best understand their needs. With such emphasis being placed on content […]

    Marketers May be Underinvesting in Email and Social Media

    A new report from the Platt Retail Institute, conducted in association with the American Marketing Association and sponsored by hybris software, compares marketers’ rankings of various channels’ budget allocations against the channels’ perceived importance and ROI. The study reveals that of the 11 channels identified, email marketing ranks 3rd in current importance and 5th in return […]

    Global Marketers – SEO Ratings | Marketing

    Global Marketers Still Rate SEO, Email Marketing As Tops for ROI April 4, 2013 by MarketingCharts 75% of global marketers (primarily from the UK) rate SEO as “excellent” (32%) or “good” (43%) in terms of return on investment, according to a new study by Econsultancy in partnership with Adestra. Not far behind is email marketing, rated […]

    8 in 10 Americans Agree That Online Reviews Influence Their Purchases

    78% of online Americans aged 18-64 agree that online reviews help them decide whether or not to purchase a product, including roughly one-third who very much agree, survey results released in December 2012 by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX). Compared to the global average of 69%, Americans are 13% more likely to agree that online […]

    Mobile’s Influence This Holiday Season

    The holiday season is picking up steam, and studies continue to point to a significant role for mobile devices in the shopping process. Anywhere between half and four-fifths of smartphone owners plan to use their devices as shopping tools, depending on the survey, with the most common activities being to compare prices and find locations. […]

    The World of Digital Marketing

    Do you remember those days when a particular product was advertised on television and you absolutely wanted to check it out? Today, the scenario has changed a lot. Not many people watch the television, as much as they use computers. Internet has become a part of one’s life. You can simply check it yourself, how […]

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